Insolvency and Restructuring

We advise companies in financial distress, and their stakeholders (directors, shareholders and employees). We strive to propose solutions to the board that are centered on a detailed risk assessment. Any action taken on the verge of the bankruptcy bears the risk of future liability suits. Our goal is to reduce this risk while saving the company to the extent possible through creative solutions.

Our restructuring and insolvency team gets involved in the details and is thus able to play an active role in the clients’ affairs. This applies both to out-of-court financial and debt restructuring, as well as to court proceedings, including moratoriums under company law, standstill agreements and strategy for eventual bankruptcy proceedings.

When a bankruptcy becomes unavoidable, we assist the company in the insolvency proceedings and litigate on behalf of directors, companies, shareholders, suppliers, clients and/or employees. We also act in appropriate cases as insolvency commissioners or curators at the request of companies, courts or creditors, which provides practical experience as to the alternative approaches and options which may be available to the client and those who are involved.

As lawyers committed to understanding the practical issues facing businesses, we are often asked to sit on boards of companies, and in this capacity, we share in the risks involved in any business.

Philippe Jacquemoud
Philippe Jacquemoud Partner, LL.M. [Columbia University]
Alexandre Salem
Alexandre Salem Attorney-at-law
Aurélie Guex-Crosier
Aurélie Guex-Crosier Attorney-at-law
Arnaud Nussbaumer
Arnaud Nussbaumer-Laghzaoui Partner, Prof. Dr iur., LL.M. [Yale]
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