Government and Regulatory Affairs

We advise domestic and international companies active in the public sector, public-private partnerships and individuals, providing comprehensive guidance on public, regulatory and administrative law matters.

We have developed an extensive knowledge of both the current Swiss political climate and the regulatory landscape.

Some of our attorneys have personal experience working in the legislative branch at the Swiss federal, cantonal and local levels, as well as in the executive branch of the City of Geneva. Through this, they have a broad understanding of the intricacies of the political decision-making processes in Switzerland.  They frequently appear before and work with elected leaders, senior staff, legislative committees, regulators and agencies at all levels of government.

We give advice and assist clients in dealing with legislative bodies and political organizations. We observe and analyze political trends in the legislative process and draft arguments and statements with access to the policy making process. Our services also include in appropriate cases drafting new or modified proposed legislation and regulations.

Guillaume has set up a seminar dealing with Infrastructure Projects. The seminar is co-led with Professor Jean-Baptiste Zufferey, Chairman of the Institut of Swiss and international construction law. Participants are divided into two groups: private companies and public institutions such as municipalities and state-owned companies. The aim of the seminar is to provide legal training to the participants and to foster the sharing of best practices in this sector.