What we stand for.

Our philosophy is to focus on providing services where we believe we have an edge because of our experience and knowledge. We do not want or try to compete with respect to the number of lawyers we have, but rather with respect to the quality of our services. Our clients appreciate the informal and direct access they have to our partners, which makes the size of our law firm an advantage over larger law firms.

We are committed to understanding your business and developing a professional opinion about it. To achieve this, each partner is involved in three areas: academics, business and local community. As scholars, we publish legal articles, lead seminars and appear as speakers at conferences. As lawyers committed to understanding the practical issues facing businesses, we sit on boards of companies, and in this capacity share in the risks involved in any business. As local community supporters, we are engaged in politics, charities and art. We think that our unlimited dedication in all matters we undertake makes the difference when it comes to advising you in your legal matters.

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